Metoxit AG is a medium-sized Swiss company which was founded over 40 years ago. It specializes in the manufacture and processing of oxide ceramic materials and sub-assemblies. The main focuses today include precision medical implants and components for the watch industry and for the mechanical and electrical engineering sectors. Metoxit offers a broad range of products made of high-performance ceramics. These are generally developed and manufactured in line with client specifications. Customers can be confident that Metoxit is able to provide the right expertise to tackle any problem thanks to a strong degree of vertical integration.


Establishment of Metoxit AG as a joint venture between Alusuisse and Tonwerke Thayngen


The company begins to manufacture hip joint balls made from high-purity alumina and zirconium oxide. The hot isostatic pressing (HIP) technique it deploys is a revolutionary development in the sector at the time.


1985 – 1986
AGZ acquires the 50% stakes held by Tonwerke Thayngen and Alusuisse respectively and becomes the sole owner of Metoxit AG


1990 – 1991
The FDA accepts the submission of a device master file for aluminum and zirconium oxide ball heads


The company enters the age of CAD/CAM technology. Blocks of zirconium oxide are manufactured for the first time

1997 – 2000
Achievement of ISO certification and CE labeling for medical devices


Metoxit manufactures its first dental implant


Metoxit experiences an enormous boom after pioneering the mass production of CAD/CAM discs


Introduction of the Ziraldent Implant System complete with a Zircapore coating to promote rapid osseointegration


2012 – present
Ongoing automation of manufacturing technology using robot cells and autonomous units


Metoxit AG celebrates its 40th anniversary. A symbol of stability and of Swiss Spirit