High-tech ceramics through tradition and innovation

Customized solutions for every client

Since 1978, high-precision components for mechanical engineering, high temperature, measurement and control technology and the watch industry have been part of our core business. Our expertise lies in the individuality of each customer. Many years of experience, innovative thinking and high-precision work allow us a unique place in the market of high-performance ceramics for industrial applications. From the idea to series production, we assist you in the implementation of your own individual project and stand by your side with high flexibility and exclusive expertise.

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Pump Industry

We define our high-performance ceramics by reliable protection against aggressive media and an extraordinarily long service life at high pressure. The high-pressure pistons for conveying liquid, abrasive and highly viscous media enable applications up to 6,000 bar.

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In contrast, we also manufacture high-precision miniature parts made of biocompatible materials for medical technology applications such as blood pumps, components for dialysis machines or components for cardiological equipment.
Pump components such as sliding and sealing rings, shafts, pump impellers and linings of casings round off our product range and ensure optimum protection against temperature, corrosion and high wear resistance.

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Luxury & watchmaking industry

Thanks to its lightness, strength and pleasant tactile properties, ceramic has become a truly popular partner in the manufacture of watch cases and visible watch parts. Numerous manufacturers and experts in the watchmaking industry work with ceramics as an integral part of their material range.

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With high-precision manufacturing and qualitatively well thought-out choice of materials, Metoxit has established a firm place in the watchmaking industry and is one of the competent and innovative partners of the world-famous watch manufacturers.
We support you in the development of prototypes and manufacture complex housing parts even in small series. The delivery of semi-finished products for further processing is also possible in all colour variations.

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Plant & mechanical engineering

Our ceramic components are used in various industries and applications in mechanical engineering. Wherever protection against temperature, wear or aggressive media is required, our parts are in use. Our choice of materials allows us to manufacture products with high hardness against wear, but also with flexibility against lateral forces.

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Thankx to the advantageous protection against wear, we produce parts for the guidance of production parts in mechanical engineering and production, but also in bulk material conveying and for edge protection. Our material is particularly well proven for use in nozzles and dosing needles for discharging hot and sticky media, as well as for cores in extruders for the brick industry.

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Measurment technology & chemistry

For measurement technology, we have developed a porous ceramic that is used, among other things, for the diaphragm in pH electrodes. We also supply components for oxygen sensors, for use in the high temperature range.

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In the field of process engineering for protection against corrosive media, we offer a variety of customer-specific components for:
• Linings, balls for ball valves
• Shafts for stirrers
• Components for metering pumps

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tooling industry

With the development of our Ziroxit® ceramics for tools, we enable high-precision micro-milling of metals while continuously maintaining the tightest tolerances over long tool lives. In practice, up to 30 times higher operating times are achieved compared to carbide cutters.

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Our ceramics offer not only the necessary hardness, but also the bending strength to withstand strong resistance during machining. Vibration-free machining is possible even at very high rotational speeds. For toolmakers we offer an extensive range of bearing shafts in various Diameters.