Strong Zirconia

Z-CAD® HTL - Strong Zirconia

41% translucency combined with maximum strength. Consequence in CAD/CAM. For all anterior and posterior tooth restorations.

The advantage of this biocompatible high-performance zirconia lies in its increased translucency with maximum flexural strength. A wide range of indications offers the dental technician the completion of highly esthetic restorations in all positions. Bar constructions, frameworks with large spans, superstructures, single crowns or 1-16 unit restorations- with Z-CAD® HTL you are always on the safe side. Screw or cement retained, your restoration will fulfil all your needs. Primarily this material is recommended as framework which is finished with an equivalent veneering materials in a traditional layering technique. Alternatively, Zirconia press-ceramic can be utilized.

Z-CAD® HTL is a class 5 biocompatible high-performance zirconia according to ISO 6872:2019, available in white. A characteristic strength of over 1100 MPa (biaxial measurement). A translucency value of 41%. The strong solution for everyday laboratory work.


Reduzierte Krone Reduzierte Krone2

partial crown

monolithische Krone Frontzahn monolithische Krone Frontzahn2

monolithic anterior crown

Monolithische Krone Seitenzahn2 Monolithische Krone Seitenzahn3

monolithic posterior crown

Hybrid Abutment Krone5 Hybrid Abutment Krone2

hybrid abutment crown

Monolithische Brucke 3 gliedrig Monolithische Brucke 3 gliedrig2

monolithic bridge (3 units)

Monolithische Brucke 4 gliedrig Monolithische Brucke 4 gliedrig2

monolithic bridge (≥4 units)

Reduzierte Brucke 3 gliedrig Reduzierte Brucke 3 gliedrig2

framework (3 units)

Reduzierte Brucke 4 gliedrig Reduzierte Brucke 4 gliedrig2

framework (≥ 4 units)

Hybrid Abutment2 Hybrid Abutment3

hybrid abutment

Stege Stege2


Physical Properties

 Property Unit Z-CAD® HTL
Density (after sintering) g/cm3 6.08
WAK (25 - 500 °C) 10-6/K 11.2
bending strength* MPa > 1100
translucency (1mm, D65) % 41
fracture toughness MPa√m 5
radioactivity Bq/kg ≤ 200
modulus of elasticity GPa < 200

*biaxial measurement


Chemical composition

Component Unit Quantity
ZrO2 + HfO2 + Y2O3 wt% > 99.5
Y2O3 wt% 5.2
Al3O3 wt% 0.05
other oxides wt% ≤ 0.5