Semi-finished parts

The foundation for dental high-tech products

Our product portfolio includes cylindrical rods in various diameters, lengths, materials and surface finishes


For dental implantology, we offer the materials ATZ and TZP-A, in BIO-HIP® or non-HIP quality. Both materials are the result of many years of research and development. Their purity, biocompatibility and strength make them a first-class choice for dental implants and abutments, reliably achieving safety and patient satisfaction. We are happy to supply our customers with the associated material documentation for regulatory approval.


ATZ BIO-HIP® combines excellent breaking resistance and outstanding flexural strength. The certified BIO-HIP® treatment makes ATZ an ideal material for implants or abutments.

TZP-A BIO-HIP®'s polycrystalline structure significantly reduces the risk of breakage and makes it a reliable material for a wide range of dental applications.

Physical Properties

 Category Unit ATZ BIO-HIP® TZP-A BIO-HIP®
density  g/cm3 5.50 6.08
bending strength MPa > 1300 > 1100
grain size m-6 < 0.6 < 0.4
fracture toughness MPa√m 8 6
hardness HV10 - 1400 1250
coefficient of thermal expansion 10-6/K 9 10
thermal conductivity W/mK 6 2.5


Chemical Composition

Components Unit ATZ BIO-HIP® TZP-A BIO-HIP®
ZrO2/HfO2/Y2O3/Al2O3 wt% > 99.5 > 99.5