Orthopedic Implants

Orthopedic Implants

Ceramic is ideally suited as a material for implants. It is noted for its numerous benefits: excellent strength, corrosion resistance, minimal abrasion, excellent body compatibility and durability. Our product range includes components for hip, hand, fingers, spine, jaw, knee and much more.


The world of ceramics is diverse. We work with various oxide ceramic materials with outstanding properties. The special BIO-HIP® process gives the materials extra high strength. This means that our products meet even the highest requirements. Every batch of material undergoes an extensive quality inspection in our company. All our orthopaedic materials meet the requirements of the ISO 6474 and ISO 13356 standards. Of course, we will gladly provide you with the corresponding proofs for your registration.


Are you planning to develop a medical product with ceramic components? Or are you interested in an all-ceramic implant? We are happy to accompany you in your project as a reliable partner.


Hufte3 Hufte3

hip joint prostheses

Handgelenk2 Handgelenk2

wrist joint prostheses

Wirbelsaule3 Wirbelsaule3

spinal implants

Physical Properties

Category Unit Al999 ZTA TZP-A ATZ
density g/cm3   3.94 4.4 6 6
bending strength (4-Punkt) MPa 500  750 800 800
modulus of elasticity GPa   380 320 200 200
hardness GPa   18 15.5 11.8 11.8
fracture toughness MPa*m0.5 2.5 3.5 4 4



Chemical Composition

Component Al999 ZTA TZP-A ATZ
Al2O3 >99.9% 60-90% <0.5% 20%
ZrO2 <0.01% 10-40% >99% 80%